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Spoilers Inc. is For Sale

Jeff Shapiro - Spoilers Inc. is For Sale

After 40+ years in general aviation I have decided to retire and go on a long vacation. I am offering the sale of my two aviation companies, Turboplus Aircraft Systems Inc and Spoilers Inc.
If interested, please contact me via email or call 253-851-1769.
It has been my pleasure to serve 1000's of customers since 1984. Thank you again for your continued support.

Jeff Shapiro


Thank you for your interest in PowerPac aircraft Spoilers. Aftermarket airplane spoilers from Spoilers Inc. are available for a wide variety of pressurized general aviation piston airplanes. More than 63 aircraft models are currently approved, including Beechcraft Baron and Beech Duke, Piper Aerostar and Malibu Mirage, and the Cessna 300 and 400 series aircraft.

PowerPac spoilers fall into two categories: those that are deployed during flight to increase descent rate or reduce excessive airspeed, and those that are deployed immediately on landing to greatly reduce lift ("lift dumpers") and increase drag. On landing, PowerPac spoilers help slow the aircraft, however, the real gain comes as the spoilers cause a dramatic loss of lift and hence the weight of the aircraft is transferred from the wings to the undercarriage, allowing the wheels to be mechanically braked with less tendency to skid.

In air-cooled piston engine aircraft, PowerPac spoilers may be needed to avoid shock cooling the engines. In a descent without spoilers, air speed is increased and the engine will be at low power, producing less heat than normal. The engine may cool too rapidly, resulting in stuck valves, cracked cylinders or other problems. Spoilers alleviate the situation by allowing the aircraft to descend at a desired rate while letting the engine run at a power setting that keeps it from cooling too quickly (especially true for turbocharged piston engines, which generate higher temperatures than normally aspirated engines). 

PowerPac spoilers are “JET TYPE” aftermarket hydraulic spoilers that are specifically designed and engineered for each aircraft model.

Over 50 qualified aftermarket airplane spoiler installation centers nationwide assure a quality experience and minimum downtime. We hope you’ll join over 1000 owners and operators who already enjoy the many benefits of PowerPac Spoilers.

We look forward to answering any detailed questions you might have about your installation, including the performance improvements you can expect. Call 253-851-1769 and ask for Jeff Shapiro or contact us by email

Get Down Faster... Safely.

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